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Child Care Products Testing

With the development of society, families are paying more and more attention to infants and young children, and the development of the market for child care products is also accelerating. At the same time, the safety of child care products has also attracted the attention of the whole society. At present, Europe, America and other countries and regions have set up special regulations and standards to strictly control the safety of child care products in their markets. Matexcel provides you with professional child care products testing.
Our testing items include the following: baby pacifiers, baby bottle nipples, nipple clamps, children's drinking equipment, cutlery and feeding utensils.

• The content of the baby pacifier test are as follows:
General safety requirements
Volatile content
Mechanical behavior
N-nitrosamine and N-nitroso substances released
Chemical requirements and testing
Release amount of MBT in vulcanized rubber
Migration of certain elements
The amount of antioxidant released in vulcanized rubber

• The test contents of the baby bottle nipple are as follows:
General functional requirements
Bite resistance
Pacifier performance
tensile strength

• European standards require that nipple accessories be coordinated with materials, structure, performance, packaging and labeling. The test contents of the baby nipple clamp are as follows:
Color fastness
Mechanical requirements
Chemical requirements
Raw material guidance requirements
Migration of specific elements
Nickel release
Wood preservatives

• The minimum safety requirements for children's drinking water equipment and stipulate appropriate test methods are as follows:
2-mercaptobenzothiazole (MBT) free
Chemical properties
Antioxidant release
Material requirements
Bisphenol A (BPA) free
Specific element migration
Nitrosamine release
Volatile compounds

• The relevant test contents of the materials, structure, performance, packaging and labeling of knives and forks and feeding utensils for infants and children are as follows:
Physical and mechanical properties
BPA release
Chemical requirements
Nickel release
Migration of specific elements
Formaldehyde emission
Phthalate content
Volatile content

Matexcel’s engineers and scientists have technical expertise to meet testing requirements with thoroughness, accuracy, and efficiency. The staff at Matexcel focuses on proactive communication with our customers. We are always striving to provide customers with high quality technical support and testing services. If you have any questions about auto parts analysis, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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