Ceramics, categorized as inorganic and non-metallic biomaterial, have drawn increasing attention as they ...



The clinical use of metallic biomaterials was first made available several decades ago and has been ...

Natural Materials

Natural Materials

Biomaterials can be classified into two main groups: synthetic and natural biomaterials.The latter ...

Tools and Supplies

Tools and Supplies

High-quality microscope calibration standards and probes guarantee reliability and ...


Materials Analysis

Materials testing and analysis reveal information that helps us understand the structure-property relationships in materials, which are crucial for the product development. An entire list of materials characterization services are provided in our Matexcel lab.

Consumer & Industrial Product Testing

The materials analysis laboratory at Matexcel provides professional analyzing, testing, and certification services that support the quality, performance, regulatory compliance, safety, and other requirements for your products, components, and raw materials.


Nanomaterials possess unique properties due to their large surface to volume ratio, which makes them become powerful tools in biotechnology research. Our professional services include nanomaterial synthesis, modification and characterization.

Polymer Manufacturing

With years’ experience in polymer science, our scientists are dedicated to help our clients design and develop polymeric products, including custom polymerization, additive manufacturing, plastic processing and polymer characterization.



Matexcel is a leading service provider in materials science, with years of commitment to supply better polymers, nanoparticles and other materials for worldwide customers from both academia and industry. We offer a full range of materials covering polymers, metals, ceramics and natural materials, in addition to professional consultation service in manufacturing and characterization. Our experienced team of scientists have mastered a wide spectrum of technologies to solve interdisciplinary tasks such as custom synthesizing and developing polymeric and nano-bio applications. We are a customer-oriented company aiming to deliver product and service to the global pharmaceutical and nano-biotechnology markets.

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