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Biodegradation Test

Biodegradation generally refers to the decomposition of microorganisms. Microbial decomposition substances present in nature will not have a negative impact on the environment. Biodegradable materials can be completely decomposed into low-molecular compounds by microorganisms (such as bacteria, fungi and algae) under appropriate and demonstrable natural environmental conditions. The biodegradability test is used to determine the degradability of biodegradable plastics. Matexcel can provide you with comprehensive and high-quality biodegradation tests.
The test items we provide are as follows:
• Packaging products, plastic products
• Disposable tableware
• Film and sheet

The testing content we provide mainly includes:
• Evaluation of biodegradability, biodegradation rate, biodegradation and disintegration ability.
• Biological decomposition rate of aerobic composting test
• Biodegradation and disintegration

At present, the main method for evaluating the biodegradability of plastics in the world is the compost method. Compost contains abundant microbial sources, which can reflect the biodegradability of plastics in the natural environment to a certain extent. Matexcel can also conduct surfactant biodegradation tests on products: surfactants, detergents containing surfactants (dishwashing detergent, laundry detergent, shampoo, facial cleanser, etc.). Various other materials (plant fiber products, plastics, paper products, etc.), the potential biodegradation test of materials under the action of specific microorganisms.

Matexcel aims to provide high-quality comprehensive third-party inspection and analysis services. If you have any questions about biodegradation test, please feel free to contact us.

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