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Film Analysis

The coating is applied to the surface of the product, the purpose is to improve the anti-corrosion, anti-rust, anti-wear and improve appearance of the product. Film analysis refers to the performance testing of products containing coatings or coatings. Matexcel provides you with professional film analysis services.

In our testing process, the main instruments we use are nano scratch instrument, nano indentation instrument, XRD, X-ray fluorescence thickness gauge, micro hardness tester, etc.

The test items we can provide for you are as follows:
• Film thickness analysis
• Analysis of film composition
• Analysis of film chemical state
• Film color and color difference test
• Analysis of membrane phase structure
• Film stress analysis
• Film surface roughness test
• Depth analysis of multilayer film
• Film hardness and elastic modulus test
• Film base adhesion / adhesion test
• Analysis of film micro-topography
• Film friction and wear performance test
• Accelerated corrosion test of film
• Film corrosion rate test
• Film polarization curve and impedance spectrum test
• Film porosity analysis
• Carburizing layer, decarburizing layer, nitriding layer, boronizing layer and carbonitriding layer

Matexcel aims to provide high-quality comprehensive third-party inspection and analysis services. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

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