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Contamination Analysis

A contaminant is a material which was not indented in the product and introduced unknowingly or accidentally. When an unknown contamination is found on a product, the maunfacturer needs to indentify it and know the source of it. Because contamination is one of the most common causes of failure. It can lead to both rapid and catastrophic or slow and gradual failures.

In order to help individuals and manufacturers to be able to determine the source of contamination in a fast and efficient manner. Matexcel’s scientists can analyze for contaminants down to the parts per million, billion, and even trillion level. We have proven methodologies for specific substances such as plastics, metals, adhesives, additives, wood fibers, coatings, packagings, which we use to effectively isolate and identify the contaminant and its source. For example, we can begin with a comparison study between a control and suspect sample. This study is dependent upon the sample matrix and the suspected concentration of contamination. Often, a general screen of the control and suspect sample using GC/MS and LC/MS could work. Sometimes ICP-OES and ICP-MS are necessary for low level trace elemental analysis.

Then, we will determine the shape, size and structure of the contaminant, through optical or electronic microscope. If the amount of contaminant is polymeric or organic in nature and is in significant quantity, it can be isolated and tested with ATR or FTIR. When the contaminant is an undesired additive, it can be isolated and extracted and further investigated. If necessary, we could separate the contaminant from a large amount of sample and analyze it using FTIR and NMR spectroscopy. Once identified, our scientists will work with you to determine the contamination source and create a solution to the problem. Such as put new quality control checks, refined product development methods, raw material supplier analysis, and more to help prevent or minimize potential problems from happening in the future.

Matexcel’s contaimination analysis laboratory has performed contamination testing or trace analysis for manufacturers of different products. Our experienced chemists can identify impurities at even the smallest levels which can cause irreparable damage to a product, rendering it useless. They are also skilled at explaining complex analyses and results in an easy-to-understand manner. If needed, we can help with contamination testing in emergency situations, working 24/7 to resolve the problem.

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