Aging Performance Test

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Aging Performance Test

The main factors that cause material aging are sunlight and humidity, and sunlight is a major factor that causes degradation of many materials. The types of degradation, such as reduced physical properties, chalking, cracking, peeling, discoloration, and color changes, are related to the sensitivity and spectrum of the material. Each material responds differently to the spectrum. For durable materials, such as most paints and plastics, short-wave UV is the main cause of polymer aging. However, for materials that are not particularly durable, long-wave ultraviolet or even short-wave visible light is the main factor causing its destruction. Matexcel can provide you with aging tests for various materials.

At Matexcel, our tests include the following items:
Ultraviolet aging test, damp heat aging test, hot and cold shock test, hot air aging test, salt spray aging test, xenon lamp aging test, gas corrosion test, walk-in constant temperature and humidity test, ozone aging test, carbon arc lamp aging test, high and low temperature aging test.

We can evaluate and analyze the performance after aging, the main performance analysis are as follows:
• Apparent performance (color difference, color fastness, gloss, appearance)
• Mechanical properties (tensile, bending, impact, peeling, tearing, compression)
• Coating performance (thickness, adhesion, pencil hardness, paint film impact, cupping, flexibility)
• Wear resistance (Taber wear, RCA wear, reciprocating wear)
• Scratch resistance (multi-finger scratch, coin scratch, nail scratch)
• Chemical resistance (wiping method, soaking method, drip method)

Matexcel aims to provide high-quality comprehensive third-party inspection and analysis services. If you have any questions about material aging test, please feel free to contact us.

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