Dust and Waterproof Test

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Dust and Waterproof Test

Dust test is used to test the electrical and electronic products, automobile and motorcycle parts, and seals in the sand and dust environment to prevent the sand and dust from entering the seals and the shell, and the test method to determine the impact of the sand and dust suspended in the air on the product. This test can check the performance of the use, storage and transportation of electronic and electrical products, auto parts, motorcycle parts and seals in sand and dust environments.

Our test is divided into free dust and dust blowing.

Free dust reduction: mainly used to simulate the impact of sand and dust in protected places. The sample is exposed to a low-density dusty atmosphere, in which a small amount of dust is injected intermittently and will fall on the sample due to gravity.

Sand blowing: mainly used to simulate the effect of sand and dust on the sealing performance and corrosion of samples under outdoor and vehicle environment conditions. The sample was exposed to a pulsating or laminar air flow entrained with a certain amount of dust, sand, or a mixture of sand and dust.

The waterproof test is applicable to electrical and electronic products that may be subjected to flushing during transportation, storage or use. This water comes from heavy rain, wind and rain, sprinkler systems, wheel splashes, flushing or violent waves. The relevant specifications should specify whether the electrical and electronic products must work normally during the test, or whether they can only withstand the flushing conditions and remain intact.

The waterproof test is divided into dripping, immersion and pressurized water tests.

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