Akermanite bioactive ceramic

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Akermanite bioactive ceramic
Product Infomation
Cat.No. CER-0030
Product Name Akermanite bioactive ceramic
Synonyms Akermanite
Product overview This product has better biocompatibility, bioactivity and biodegradability than the bioceramic artificial bone produced in the market. It is an ideal material for hard tissue repair and replacement. As a new generation of artificial bone ceramic materials, this product has been widely used in orthopedic clinical research, and gradually to the plastic surgery and cosmetic surgery, dental, repair of bone defects and bone fusion caused by trauma, tumor, inflammation, bone disease, etc. And other areas of development.
Morphology & Appearance White strip or column
Particle Size Columnar: Ф6, 1-10mm height;Ф8, 1-10mm height;or Ф10mm, 3-8mm height
Strip: 7*23 mm, 5-15mm height; 7*45 mm; 5-15mm height
NO pore-forming process during manufacture.In general, the porosity is less than 10%.
Different pore sizes and porosity can be prepared according to customer requirements.
Components Ca2MgSi2O7
Storage Store at room temperature and keep dry
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