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Surface Nanopatterning

Micro/Nanoscale topography surface exhibits many prominent properties and is extensively employed in biomedical device, microfluidic device and energy device fabrication. Additionally, the clinical applications of biomaterials can be largely expanded with help of nanostructured surfaces. For example, current research has shown that nanotopography has the ability to elicit specific cues and promote the controlled differentiation of stem cells in vitro. Similarly, nanopatterned gold rods are widely used in biosensing studies of biologically relevant systems. In our lab, nanopatterned polymers and biomolecules with various feature sizes on different substrates have been successfully fabricated.

Nanopatterned polymer surfaces have attracted increasing attention due to their potential use as templates and scaffolds for the fabrication of functional nanomaterials. For example, to fabricate a large-area graphene nanomesh, a patterned negative photoresist layer (polymer) needs to be used as an etch mask atop chemical vapor deposition grown graphene on Cu foil. Recently intensive studies of biointerfacial interactions have been carried out on nanoporous polymer surfaces, since the polymeric nanopore provides a protective environment to the encapsulated biomolecules. Methods to construct nanoporous films have been developed including patterned surfaces, sol–gel processes, polyelectrolyte multilayers, vapor deposition, and phase separation with selective dissolution. At Matexcel, we fabricate nanostructured polymer surfaces with diverse shapes and sizes, through different lithography technique.

Additionally, we also provide nanoporous block copolymer thin films, since block copolymers are well-known to self-assemble into nano- and meso-scale structures. Those nanoporous templates are also widely used in the preparation of nanoarrays. Depends on your research needs, Matexcel offers different surface nanopatterning technique to fabricate nanotemplates in different materials with various feature shape and size. Our technique includes but not limited to:

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