Nanoparticle Modification

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Nanoparticle Modification

A functionalized nanoparticle surface may offer enhanced biological properties such as high biocompatibility and preferable biointerfacial interactions. At Matexcel, many surface modification techniques have been developed so that our expertise in surface chemistry made post-synthesis functionalization possible, conveniently incorporating polymers, proteins, DNA, and antibodies to synthetic nanoparticles and other nanostructured surfaces.

Polymer brushes covalently anchored on curved surface, e.g., nanoparticles, have attracted a lot of interest in academia research. For example, by tuning the molecular weight of end-grafted polymers and the density of the grafting sites, polymer brushes with different conformations on the grafted surface are obtained. By utilizing different grafting strategies that have been developed for curved surface, including surface initiated ATRP/RAFT grafting to/from polymerization, we efficiently synthesize nanoparticles grafted with polymer chains with controlled length and density.

Biomolecules functionalized nanoparticles are also widely used in biosensing, cell-engineering, drug delivery and food processing applications. It has been shown that protein immobilized on nanostructured surfaces exhibit superior biological activities to smooth or microstructured surfaces. Curved surfaces suppress the unfavorable protein-protein lateral interaction and results in minimal structural and activity change of the enzyme attached on carbon nanotube surface.

Gold nanoparticle coated silica nanowires. Reprinted from Chen, Jiao, et al. Langmuir 2014.

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