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Matexcel is capable of synthesizing nanomaterials with different dimension, shape and size that can provide unique properties. A nanoparticle can be either a zero dimensional where its length, breadth and height is fixed at a single point, one dimensional where it has a variable length, conserving two dimensions (height and width) in the nanometer regime, two dimensional where it can possess length and breadth for example thin nanolayers with areas of undefined size and a thickness between 1 and 100 nm, or three dimensional where it has all the parameters such as length, breadth and height. Nanorods or nanowires are one dimensional nanostructures considered as functional components in electronics and optoelectronics. The synthesis of such nanostructures with embedded quantum structures can enable new electrical or optical properties due to the formation of quantum-confined states. Amorphous carbon nanowires, which can be fabricated by using a pyrolyzed process with polymer nanostructures, have been used to penetrate diseased cells and delivery therapeutic drugs. Recently the optical response of ring-shaped gold nanoparticles was investigated. Compared to solid gold particles of similar size, nanorings exhibit a redshifted localized surface plasmon that can be tuned over an extended wavelength range by varying the ratio of the ring thickness to radius.

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