Climate Environment Reliability Test

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Climate Environment Reliability Test

Environmental test:
Environmental testing is to expose products to the natural environment or artificial simulated environment, so as to evaluate the performance under the storage, transportation and use conditions they will actually encounter. Through environmental testing, information on design quality and product quality can be provided, which is an important means of quality assurance.

Reliability test:
Reliability test refers to the ability of a product to complete a specified function under a specified condition and within a specified time. During the design and application process, the product is constantly subjected to the influence of itself and the external climate environment and mechanical environment, but still needs to be able to work normally. This requires verification and evaluation with test equipment. This verification is basically divided into R&D test and trial production The three parts of the test and mass production sampling.

Our testing scope includes: construction, transportation, chemical industry, textile, electronic appliances, metal.

Matexcel’s engineers and scientists have technical expertise to meet testing requirements with thoroughness, accuracy, and efficiency. The staff at Matexcel focuses on proactive communication with our customers. We are always striving to provide customers with high quality technical support and testing services. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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