Conductive touch screen gloves finishing agent

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Conductive touch screen gloves finishing agent
Product Infomation
Cat.No. ANT-0053
Product Name Conductive touch screen gloves finishing agent
Description Conductive touch screen gloves agent is a finishing agent that gives textiles a certain conductivity. The treated leather, textiles, etc. have good conductivity, so that touch screen mobile phones and other electronic devices can be operated without taking off the gloves, which solves the problem of having to take off the gloves when answering calls or operating electronic devices outdoors in cold winter.
·Good conductivity, high transparency, without changing the original color of fabric or leather;
·Good resistance stability, not affected by temperature and humidity, stable and reliable performance;
·The feel of the leather and fabrics will not be affected after finishing, ensuring the original flexibility and elasticity;
·Safe and environmentally friendly, non-toxic to human body, no side effects.
Morphology & Appearance Blue transparent liquid
Storage Storage in a cool, dry place, avoid direct sunlight.
Application It can be used for conductive finishing of glove fabrics such as leather, chemical fiber, blended and pure cotton. It is usually used for the conductive treatment of the index finger of gloves to achieve the effect of operating the touch screen without taking off the fabric.
Usage Can be treated by padding and dipping, without dilution, and used directly.
-Padding process: padding → drying (80-100°C, 2-3 minutes) → baking (130-170°C, adjust according to the temperature resistance of the fabric);
-Impregnation process: fabric → impregnation (soak evenly) → dehydration (recover the thrown solution and add it to the impregnation tank) → drying (130-170°C, adjust according to the temperature resistance of the fabric).
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