Polymer grade organic clay

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Polymer grade organic clay
Product Infomation
Cat.No. CER-0049
Product Name Polymer grade organic clay
Description Polymer grade organic clay is a kind of high purity organic montmorillonite modified by double long-chain alkyl. It is a broad-spectrum polymer modifier. It is mainly used for polyene hydroxyl and thermoplastic polymers such as EVA and TPO. The screw melt extrusion modification improves the polymer's tensile strength, flexural strength, modulus and other mechanical properties, as well as heat distortion temperature (HDT), dimensional stability, gas barrier properties, and flame retardant properties.
Product overview Bulk density (g/cm3): ≤0.3
Morphology & Appearance White or off-white powder
Particle Size 200 mesh
Storage Stored under dry conditions, the quality is valid for 24 months
Application Used for modification of thermoplastic polymers such as PP and PE
Usage Usually using two twin-screw melt extrusion, the first time is PP, PE, EVA grafted with maleic anhydride or acrylate to make a masterbatch with a montmorillonite content of 40%-50%; the second time, Dilute the above masterbatch with homopolymerized PP, PE or EVA to an organic montmorillonite content of 5-8%, and then twin-screw melt extrusion to make the required working material.
A twin screw extruder with a large length/diameter ratio should be selected as much as possible, and a screw structure with high shear strength is required. The melting temperature should not be too high during the extrusion process, to keep the polymer melt with a high viscosity, to ensure that the polymer obtains a strong shearing effect during the extrusion process, so as to facilitate the peeling and dispersion of the montmorillonite layer.
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