Magnetic Polystyrene Nanosphere

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Magnetic Polystyrene Nanosphere
Product Infomation
Cat.No. MET-0071
Product Name Magnetic Polystyrene Nanosphere
Synonyms Magnetic Polystyrene Nanosphere
Product overview Electron microscope size (Fe3O4 kernel diameter): 100 nm
Hydrodynamic dimension (Fe3O4 core + surface hydration layer diameter): 160 nm
Zeta potential (particle surface potential): -30 mV
Saturation magnetization: 18 emu/g
Content of Fe3O4: 60%
Features: Magnetic polystyrene nanosphere has uniform particle size, smooth surface, excellent hydrophobicity and non-biodegradability. It won't dissolve or swell in general solvent, which is conducive for application and recycling. It has strong binding ability with proteins, dyes, affinity ligands and other substances. It has large specific surface area and strong adsorbability and condensability, which is suitable for the fixed carrier of some substances.
Morphology & Appearance Brown liquid
Concentration 1 mg/ml
Application Magnetic polystyrene nanospheres can be widely used in chromatography, microscopy, cytography, tissue separation, cancer treatment and DNA technology.
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