FITC-labeled Trehalose

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FITC-labeled Trehalose
Product Infomation
Cat.No. NAT-220
Product Name FITC-labeled Trehalose
Synonyms FITC-labeled Trehalose
Product overview Trehalose is a sugar consisting of two molecules of glucose. It is also known as mycose or tremalose. Some bacteria, fungi, plants and invertebrate animals synthesize it as a source of energy, and to survive freezing and lack of water. This product is labeled with FITC. It has an excitation maximum at 493 nm and an emission maximum at 520 nm.
Morphology & Appearance Yellow powder
Purity >98%
Molecular weight 731.7 Da
Source Synthesis
Solubility Water
Stability 6 years
Storage Store at room temperature
Application Research related to the treatments of amyloidosis, depression and dry eyes.
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