Graphene aerogel microspheres

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Graphene aerogel microspheres
Product Infomation
Cat.No. GRA-382
Product Name Graphene aerogel microspheres
Synonyms Graphene; Graphene aerogel; Adsorption material; Oil absorption; Catalyst carrier
Product overview Graphene aerogel microspheres were obtained from thermally reduced graphene oxide aerogel microspheres, and have the same porous network structure and unique center-diverging microchannel structure. Graphene aerogel microspheres have strong hydrophobicity and complex pore structure.
Morphology & Appearance Black spherical powder
Particle Size 50-700μm
Storage Store at room temperature and keep dry
Application It can be used as a catalyst carrier to improve the catalytic capability;
It can be applied to the composite materials(such as plastics, rubber and fiber) to improve the properties of matrix materials.
It can be used in water, crude oil leakage, or automobile exhaust treatment. It can also be used as adsorbent in heavy metals, organic dyes, and dioxins.
It can be used in lithium-ion battery materials and capacitor electrode materials.
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