Native Tremella fuciformis Hyaluronic Acid, cosmetic grade >1000kDa

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Native Tremella fuciformis Hyaluronic Acid, cosmetic grade >1000kDa
Product Infomation
Cat.No. NAT-230
Product Name Native Tremella fuciformis Hyaluronic Acid, cosmetic grade >1000kDa
Synonyms Hyaluronic Acid
Product overview This product is derived from plant. It is a kind of water soluble polymer, the average molecular weight is over one million Da., and the molecular structure backbone is Mannan made up by alpha (1-3) - glycosidic bond composition, and the branched chain by glucuronic acid, xylose and fucose etc., the active part is common structural part of alpha (1-3) - mannan.
Morphology & Appearance White powder
Purity >90%
pH 5.5-8.0
Source Tremella fuciformis
Storage Store at room temperature
Application Native Tremella fuciformis Hyaluronic Acid can significantly enhance the hydratability of the skin cell, increase the moisture content of skin, can form a layer of moisturizing protective film to reduce the moisture loss on the surface of the skin, with dual effect of water retention and water holding.
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