Akermanite porous ceramics

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Akermanite porous ceramics
Product Infomation
Cat.No. CER-0035
Product Name Akermanite porous ceramics
Synonyms Akermanite
Product overview The product has good biocompatibility, bioactivity and biodegradability, and is an ideal hard tissue repair and replacement material for human body. The product has a unique pore structure that is suitable for the growth conditions in the tissue. It is larger than the surface and can maximize contact with the diseased part and quickly produce a role, effectively promoting new bone tissue and cells, nutrient supply and blood vessel growth in the pores. The product has strong biological activity, good biocompatibility, good osteogenic and osteoinductive effects, and can form a combination with human bone or soft tissue.
Morphology & Appearance White strip or column
Particle Size Columnar: Ф6, 1-10mm height;Ф8, 1-10mm height;or Ф10mm, 3-8mm height
Strip: 7*23 mm, 5-15mm height; 7*45 mm; 5-15mm height
Porosity: 15-80%, pore size: 100-400 μm
Different pore sizes and porosity can be prepared according to customer requirements.
Components Ca2MgSi2O7
Storage Store at room temperature and keep dry
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