Biomedical grade zirconium oxide

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Biomedical grade zirconium oxide
Product Infomation
Cat.No. CER-0022
Product Name Biomedical grade zirconium oxide
Synonyms zirconium
Description Zirconia is a bio-inert material. Since its application as an inorganic biomaterial in the 1970s, it has good biocompatibility, excellent corrosion resistance and wear resistance, stable chemical properties and good thermoelectric insulation. Such biological properties, especially the aesthetic effects closest to natural teeth, are gradually being applied in the field of stomatology.
Morphology & Appearance Amorphous powder
Particle Size 100nm-20μm, can be customized according to customer needs
Purity >99%
Heavy metal: <4ppm
As: <1ppm
Components ZrO2
Storage Store at room temperature
Application This product can be used as a preparation for zirconia ceramics, and has been widely used in the repair of dental defects and defects. This product can be mixed with other bioceramic materials, such as hydroxyapatite, β-tricalcium phosphate, calcium silicate and other powders to enhance its biological activity.
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