Biomedical grade alumina

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Biomedical grade alumina
Product Infomation
Cat.No. CER-0021
Product Name Biomedical grade alumina
Synonyms alumina; alundum; aluminum oxide
Description Although alumina is a bio-inert material, it has excellent mechanical properties. It is usually used as a dispersion strengthening phase in medicine. By introducing alumina to improve the mechanical properties of the material, alumina and hydroxyapatite are compounded. In the range of components, both the biological activity of hydroxyapatite and the mechanical properties of the material are maintained. Alumina + hydroxyapatite is expected to be an ideal substitute material for load-bearing bone artificial bone.
Morphology & Appearance Spherical powder
Particle Size 40nm-100μm, can be customized according to customer needs
Purity >99%
Heavy metal: <4ppm
As: <1ppm
Components Al2O3
Storage Store at room temperature
Application This product can be used to prepare bovine bone powder bioceramics, coatings and composite materials. After sterilization, it can also be used for plastic surgery and cosmetic surgery, dental, repairing bone defects caused by trauma, tumor, inflammation and bone disease. Fusion with bone. This product can be mixed with other bioceramic materials, such as hydroxyapatite, calcium silicate and other powders, to prepare composite bioceramic scaffold materials with different compositions by 3D printing.
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