Silk Fibroin Nano/Microspheres

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Silk Fibroin Nano/Microspheres
Product Infomation
Cat.No. NAT-0068
Product Name Silk Fibroin Nano/Microspheres
Synonyms Silk fibroin nanoparticles/microparticles
Application Our proprietary silk nano/microspheres are fabricated using a one-step, solvent-free method, and are provided as either water suspension or a lyophilized powder, which can be readily re-dissolved in water before use. This product is a customized product. We can offer series of nanospheres or microspheres with and without drug loading according to your requests.
Size of nanosphere: can be varied in a range of 100-1000 nanometers;
Size of microsphere: can be varied in a range of 1-100 micrometers
Description Silk fibroin protein-based micro- and nanospheres provide new options for drug delivery and other applications due to their biocompatibility, biodegradability and tunable drug loading and release properties, especially for protein/peptide drugs and water-insoluble drugs. The high encapsulation efficiency and controllable drug release kinetics can be achieved through control of crystalline beta-sheet content in silk materials.
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