Invisible and Peelable Silk Fibroin Film

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Invisible and Peelable Silk Fibroin Film
Product Infomation
Cat.No. NAT-0065
Product Name Invisible and Peelable Silk Fibroin Film
Morphology & Appearance White, opaque, semi-colloidal solution
Application This product is a white, viscous solution which can be smeared easily on surfaces, dry quickly and turn into an elastic, long-lasting and transparent layer. No further treatments are needed. Once formed on skin, it may function as an invisible but peelable mask that protects the skin from UV expose, keep moisture, deliver loaded active ingredient and reduce wrinkles due to the skin-like mechanical properties.

The natural silk fibroin and most other agents used in the product are of those used in our medical products, thus biocompatible, safe and manufactured and quality-controlled according to the FDA and CFDA standards of pharmaceutical excipients. The product can be used as a base material for further formulating different products in areas like skincare cosmetics, topical and transdermal drug delivery, and wound healing, etc.
Major Components: large molecular weight silk fibroin protein
Viscosity: 1500-4000 Pa.s
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