Graphene Functional Print ink

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Graphene Functional Print ink
Product Infomation
Cat.No. GRA-321
Product Name Graphene Functional Print ink
product overview This product is developed based on the silk screen printing. It can be used for lithium ion battery low voltage startup, flexible, portable, electrothermal film such as physical health needs.
Description Solid content(%): 16±1%
Film forming resin: Cellulose ether
Viscosity (4# rotor, 30 rpm, 25 centigrade): <15Pa.s
Volume resistivity: 0.06-0.08Ω·cm, at 10μm
Curing condition: 20-25min at 150 centigrade
Instructions: Stir well before use to restore fluidity. 150-200 mesh screen printing on substrates such as paper, PET film. Can be washed directly with alcohol or butyl acetate.
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