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Cat.No. NAT-197
Product Name Curdlan
Morphology & Appearance White of off-white powder
Purity >80%
Application Curdlan is a kind of fermentation product. Under normal temperature, Curdlan could swell after absorbing water, insoluble in water and alcohol. Curdlan is able to dissolve in alkalinous solution with pH above 11. After heating, Curdlan could absorb 50 times water to form gels. As food additive, Curdlan could help to improve the moisture containing ability, Q- characteristics, stability, thickening ability, which allow to enhance foods processing ability and the mouth feel. Curdlan is widely applied in meat products, meat ball products, tofu products, Bionic vegetarian diet and bakery products.
Usage Gelling in low temperature: when Curdlan solution is heated up to 55-65 Celcius Degrees, then cooling down to 40 centigrade below, heat-reversible gels would form, heating again could help to form high temperature gels. Gelling in high temperature: when Curdlan solution is heated up to more than 80 centigrade, Curdlan could help to form high gel strength heat-stable gels. This gel is heatirreversible and even after being iced and melted, the gel. Strength is still stable. Main characteristics: gelling, heat-irreversible, elastic Q-Characteristics, Water Absorb, Heat Stable, Acid and alkalinous Stability.
Description Gel. Strength: 450g/cm2 min.
pH(1% solution): 6.0-7.5
Loss on drying: <10/%
Ash: <6.0%
Total Nitrogen: <1.5%
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