Graphene on Aluminum Foil

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Graphene on Aluminum Foil
Product Infomation
Cat.No. GRA-210
Product Name Graphene on Aluminum Foil
Description Properties of graphene coating:
Average Thickness: 3.5nm
Lateral Size of individual graphene flakes: 5-10μm
The flakes coat the surface to form a conductive layer
Properties of aluminum foil:
Thickness: 16μm
Electrical Resistivity- 4.5x10-6 Ω.cm
In the lithium ion battery industry -- which includes mobile phones, notebooks, hybrid electric vehicles, etc -- aluminium foil coated with graphite, carbon black, or carbon nanotubes is used as a positive electrode's electron collector. When coated with graphene, the aluminium foil has significantly improved electrical resistivity; aluminum foil coated with graphene is 4.5x10-6 Ω.cm, whereas foil coated with carbon black is 7x10-6 Ω.cm.
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