Collagen Solution from human fibroblasts

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Collagen Solution from human fibroblasts
Product Infomation
Cat.No. NAT-0014
Product Name Collagen Solution from human fibroblasts
Synonyms Collagen
Surface coverage 6-10 μg/cm2
Source human fibroblasts
Stability suitable for cell culture
Storage 2-8°C
Concentration 3 mg/mL
Application Purified human Collagen solution is produced from neo-natal human fibroblasts that have secreted human extracellular matrix (hECM) using a propriety cell culture production system. The human fibroblast cells have undergone significant testing demonstrating safety from viruses and other adventitious agents.
Description Type I Collagen is a major structural component of skin, bone, tendon, and other fibrous connective tissues. It differs from other Collagens by its low lysine hydroxylation and low carbohydrate composition. Type I Collagen is a heterotrimer composed of two α1(I) chains and one alpha2(I) chain, which spontaneously form a triple helix scaffold at neutral pH and 37 °C.This product is prepared from the extracellular matrix secreted by normal human fibroblasts and contains a high monomer content. In vitro cultures were prepared using intensively tested human fibroblast cells and purified using a manufacturing process following applicable aspects of cGMP. This process contains built-in, validated steps to insure inactivation of possible prion and/or viral contaminants. Collagen is an essential ingredient of connective tissue. Studies in a Chinese family show that mutation in COL1A1 (Collagenase type I) is linked with type I osteogenesis imperfecta. Collagen is linked with subchondral turnover of bone, and might have potential as marker to determine the state of joint space narrowing and osteophytes in osteoarthritis.
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