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Biomaterials can be classified into two main groups: synthetic and natural biomaterials. The latter exhibit several advantages over the former, such as biocompatibility, inherent biodegradability, remodeling and critical biological functions. Therefore, natural biomaterials are usually applied in the repair or replacement of damaged human tissues and organs. They have the ability to adequately support cell adhesion, migration, proliferation and differentiation. For example, natural polymers have been used to make natural hydrogels as extracellular matrix that mimic the biological milieu to bridge the gap between conventional cell cultures and complex native in vivo environments. Cellulose, a polysaccharide mainly found in plants can promote bone regeneration. Another example is the silk fiber produced by spiders, its biodegradability is ideal for applications like surgical suture and drug delivery.

In Matexcel, our selection of naturally biomaterials and their derivatives includes DNA and protein-based biomaterials (collagen, gelatin, fibrin, silk, elastin) and polysaccharide-based biomaterials (cellulose, chitin/chitosan, glucose, alginate, hyaluronic acid).

CAT.NO. Product Name Particle Size Inquiry
NAT-0052 Human Fibronectin Inquiry
NAT-0053 Mouse Laminin Inquiry
NAT-0054 Mouse Laminin/Entactin, High Concentration Inquiry
NAT-0055 Mouse Laminin, Ultrapure Inquiry
NAT-0056 Human Osteopontin Inquiry
NAT-0057 Human Vitronectin Inquiry
NAT-0058 Gelatin from cold water fish skin Inquiry
NAT-0059 Sodium alginate Inquiry
NAT-0060 Alginic acid sodium salt Inquiry
NAT-0061 Hydrogels Inquiry

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