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The clinical use of metallic biomaterials was first made available several decades ago and has been evolved greatly ever since as metals offer remarkable versatility and reliability with relatively low cost. Metals have been used extensively as structural biomaterials for surgical devices and implants, including bone and joint replacements, dental implants, orthopedic fixations and stents, cardiovascular and neurosurgical devices. A favorable combination of high strength and resistance to fracture that metals provide warrants reliable long-term implant performance in major load-bearing situations. Compared to polymeric and ceramic biomaterials, metals also give good electro-conductivity that favors their use for enclose electrodes in artificial electronic organs. The processing and composition of metal and its alloy determine their microstructure and that in turn determine properties. To obtain desired performance of biomaterials in service, tremendous original research has been carried out to study surface modification and surface strengthening of metals, resulting in the development of a number of powerful techniques such as laser ablation, plasma and acid etching, surface functionalization, coating, ion implantation and grain refinement.

Matexcel provides multi-functional metallic materials, including Fe, Cr, Co, Ni, Ti, stainless steels, from fine powders to nanostructured forms. Welcome to contact us for more information.

CAT.NO. Product Name Particle Size Inquiry
MET-0060 Pure Ti Powder Inquiry
MET-0061 Pure Cobalt Powder Inquiry
MET-0063 Pure TiB2 Powder Inquiry
MET-0065 Pure Nickel Powder We can offer varis particle size of nickel powder.80-12 mesh, 1μm Inquiry
MET-0066 Pure Copper Powder We can offer varis particle size of nickel powder.80-12 mesh, 1μm Inquiry
MET-0075 Pure Fe Powder 1~3μm Inquiry
MET-0077 Pure Cr Powder 1~3μm Inquiry
MET-0078 Pure Si Powder 1~3μm Inquiry
MET-0079 Pure B Powder 1~2μm Inquiry

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