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Metal powders are extremely versatile when used in parts manufacturing or as coatings for different parts. Aluminum based and titanium based alloy have been used in aerospace and auto parts. A favorable combination of high strength and resistance to fracture that cobalt alloy provide warrants reliable long-term performance in bioimplant applications. Stainless steel can be used in different hardware (prototype, special tool, etc.) Matexcel is engaged in the research and development of powder metallurgy, metal processing and additive manufacturing. We offer both hybrid water-gas atomization and plasma atomization technique to meet different customers’ needs. Our most popular products are titanium alloys, nickel based high temperature alloys that are atomized through the plasma rotating electrode process (PREP). Those metal powders feature:

• Fine powders from 15 to 300 μm with proper particle size distribution.
• The feedstock doesn’t contact with refractory materials during melting and atomizing processes, which eliminates non-metallic inclusions of pollution sources and produces clean powders.
• The atomized powders are of spherical morphology, bright surface, low oxygen content and good flow property. No chemical composition changes from electrode to powders. No satellite phenomenon and hollows.

Besides advanced production equipments and standard production technology, we also have modernized testing laboratory that can ensure the high quality and consistency of the final products. Matexcel manufactures a wide range of pure metallic as well as alloy powders. including cobalt, nickel, stainless steel, copper, aluminum and chrome-cobalt based alloy powders, etc. We aim to provide professional solution of metal powders to our customers.

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