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Hydroxyapatite (HAp) is a naturally occurring mineral of biological and agricultural importance. It is a member of calcium phosphate, and it has a Ca/P ratio of 1.67 which is identical to bone apatite. The common mineral apatite has formula Ca5(PO4)3X, where X is F, Cl, OH, or a mixture; it is hydroxyapatite if the extra ion is mainly hydroxide. Up to 50% by volume and 70% by weigh of human bone is a modified form of HAp, known as bone mineral. The main substance of our teeth is HAp (97 % of enamel and 70 % of dentin). Due to its similarity in size, crystallography and chemical composition with human hard tissue, HAp is one of the most widely studied materials for orthopedic and dental implants. HAp could be prepared from natural or synthesized sources via several processes, and can be made as a powder.


• In oral applications such as toothpaste: Nano-hydroxyapatite (nano-HAp) can effectively remineralize and repair tooth surface, also improves the antimicrobial properties and tooth sensitivity.
• It is attracting interest in prosthetic applications. For example, HAp coating has been used in uncemented knee prostheses.
• In bone-healing applications such as bone fillers: Restoration of periodontal bone defects and edentulous ridge augmentation.
• It is a valuable resource that serves as an important agrochemical fertilizer.
• It is used in the chromatographic separation of biomolecules, such as protein and peptide separations.
• Porous HAp can be used as drug and gene delivery systems due to their biocompatibility, bioactivity and osteoconductivity.

Matexcel provides HAp in different dimensions, from nano to micro sizes, as well as different grades such as research, medical and food grades.

CAT.NO. Product Name Particle Size Inquiry
CER-0054 Hydroxyapatite powder for food-supplements ≤100 mm Inquiry
CER-00365 Hydroxyapatite/Beta-TCP composite porous particles Inquiry

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