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Bioglass is a material using silica (glass) as the host material, incorporated with calcium and phosphorous to fuse broken bones. It mimics bone material and stimulates the regrowth of new bone material. Thus, due to its biocompatibility and osteogenic capacity it came to be known as “bioactive glass” or “bioglass”. Bioglass stimulates more bone regeneration than other bioactive ceramics such as hydroxyapatite, which is attributed to their dissolution products stimulating cells at the genetic level. The other advantages of bioglass over synthetic hydroxyapatite are the biological fixation, and the capability of bonding to both hard and soft tissues, whereas hydroxyapatite binds only to hard tissues and also needs an exogenous covering to hold the implants in place. By varying its components, different forms of bioactive glasses have been made. The conventional 45S5 bioglass, signifies glass with 45%wt of SiO2 and 5:1 molar ratio of calcium to phosphorus. At Matexcel, we provide 45s, 58s, 63s, 77s, 85s, S53P4, 19-93B3 borate-based as well as custom-made bioglass with different particle sizes.


• The 45S5 bioglass has been found really widespread use in orthopedics, having regenerated the bones of more than 1.5 million patients.
• Bioglass as a coating on substrates to provide the properties needed for orthodontic and dental devices.
• It is recently used in reconstructive middle ear surgery, such as obliterate and reconstruct the mastoid cavity.
• Bioglass formulated toothpaste may better protect sensitive teeth by reacting with saliva in the mouth to form a protective layer of hydroxyapatite on teeth.

Matexcel provides bioglass in different particle sizes.

CAT.NO. Product Name Particle Size Inquiry
CER-0012 Bioactive glass 38μm-90μm Inquiry
CER-0013 58s Bioglass Powder 0.2-20μm Inquiry
CER-0014 63s Bioglass Powder 0.2μm-20μm Inquiry
CER-0015 45s Bioglass Powder 0.2-500μm Inquiry
CER-0037 77s Bioglass Powder 0.2-20μm Inquiry
CER-0038 80s Bioglass Powder 0.2-20μm Inquiry
CER-0039 85s Bioglass Powder 0.2-20μm Inquiry
CER-0042 S53P4 Bioglass Powder Inquiry
CER-0043 13-93 Bioglass Powder Inquiry

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