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Sulfide Test

How to determine the content of sulfide, Matexcel can provide you with a one-stop solution.

Our detection range for sulfide is as follows:
In inorganic chemistry, sulfide refers to a class of compounds formed by highly electropositive metals or non-metals and sulfur. Most metal sulfides can be regarded as salts of hydrogen sulfate. Since hydrosulfuric acid is a binary weak acid, sulfides can be divided into acid salts, positive salts and polysulfides.
In organic chemistry, sulfide refers to an organic compound of divalent sulfur. Depending on the specific situation, organic sulfides may include: thioethers, thiophenols and thiols, thioaldehydes, thiocarboxylic acids and disulfides.
The main sources of sulfide are: coking, gas production, mineral processing, papermaking, printing and leather manufacturing, industrial waste water, solid waste, ore, gasoline, kerosene, jet fuel, coating, glass, ceramics, etc.

The testing items of sulfide are as follows:
Composition determination, content determination, unknown substance, solubility, water solubility, acidity, alkalinity, oxidation, high and low temperature detection, qualitative analysis, quantitative analysis, etc.

Sulfide determination methods: potentiometric titration, potassium dichromate titration, gas chromatography, iodometric method, gravimetric method, methylene blue spectrophotometry, flame photometric gas chromatography.

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