Physical Metallography and Microscopic Analysis

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Physical Metallography and Microscopic Analysis

Microscopic analysis is the use of high-end analytical equipment such as optical microscopes and electron microscopes to observe the types of constituent phases and structural components inside metals and their relative quantities, sizes, morphologies, and distribution. The performance of the material depends on the internal organization state, and the organization depends on the chemical composition and processing technology. Heat treatment is an important process to change the organization. Therefore, microscopic analysis is an important method for the inspection and control of the quality of the material and heat treatment. Microscopic analysis involves many types of samples, including metallurgical and geological samples, electronic materials, ceramics and microscopic analysis of various surface contaminants.

Under an optical microscope, the science of studying the morphology of metal materials is called "metallography". Metallographic analysis is an indispensable and important means for testing material organization and ensuring product quality. With the development of science and technology, especially optical technology, the performance of optical microscopes has gradually expanded, such as the application of dark field, polarized light, phase contrast, differential interference, infrared light and ultraviolet light, etc., which has improved the clarity and resolution of metallographic structure.

Our inspection items are as follows:
◆ Inclusions, grain size, metallographic structure, coating thickness, microhardness, macroscopic low magnification, sulfur mark inspection of metal materials;
◆ Microscopic observation of surface morphology;
◆ Microscopic area organization analysis (magnification 5-1 million times);
◆ Phase structure and texture analysis;
◆ Analysis of fracture morphology;
◆ Micro area analysis;
◆ Measurement of the thickness of the surface metal coating;
◆ Microhardness test;
◆ Qualitative analysis and semi-quantitative analysis of elements in the micro area;
◆ Defect analysis of metal materials and products and failure analysis of metal parts;
◆ Residual stress analysis of gears, bearings, rollers, crankshafts, camshafts, pressure vessel pipes, and other parts during heat treatment, machining, welding, shot blasting, rolling;
◆ Remaining austenite content in steel materials;
◆ Asbestos testing;

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