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Optical Performance Test

The Matexcel can provide you with material optical performance testing and analysis, including the measurement of the absorption, transmission, and reflection properties of optical components or materials, as well as the testing of optical film thickness, optical constants, and fitting analysis.
The main items of our optical performance testing are:
1. Refractive index
2. Dispersion and dispersion coefficient
3. Birefringence and refractive index of extraordinary light
4. Reflection and reflection coefficient
5. Total reflection
6. Absorption coefficient
7. Scattering

General test: self-focusing of light, convergence occurs after a strong parallel beam enters through the medium (similar to passing through a convex lens).
Self-induced transparency of light: after a short pulse of strong light enters the medium, the medium hardly absorbs its energy (almost 100% transparent).
Optical Bistability: after strong light enters the medium, there may be two stable states of high transmission or low transmission.
Two-photon absorption: under strong light, atoms or molecules in the medium absorb two photons simultaneously in one transition.
Stimulated Raman scattering: raman scattering generated by the medium under laser irradiation.
Theoretical models: non-resonant oscillator model, two-level model, bond charge model, bond parameter model, charge transfer theory, anion group theory and double-base non-structural model.

Matexcel Optical Analysis Laboratory is a professional third-party testing organization, providing optical performance analysis, 100% reliable professional optical performance center, welcome to cooperate.

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