Electromagnetic Performance Analysis

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Electromagnetic Performance Analysis

The general indicators for measuring electrical performance are as follows:
• Dielectric strength, the ratio of the voltage to the thickness of the sample when the sample is broken between the electrodes under a continuously increasing voltage.
• Dielectric constant, the ratio of the capacitance when plastic is used as the medium and the capacitance when vacuum is used as the medium.
• Dielectric loss, a parameter that characterizes the energy loss of the insulating material under an AC electric field, is the cotangent between the applied voltage and the current through the sample.
• Volume resistivity and surface resistivity.
• Arc resistance, which means the resistance of plastics to arcs and sparks. The arc resistance of plastics is often expressed in terms of scorch time (s).

The products we analyze mainly include the following types:
Plastic materials, rubber materials, paint coatings, insulating paints, building materials, metal materials, wires and cables, electronic appliances, ceramic materials, etc.

Our test items include the following:
Surface resistance, electrostatic performance, voltage experiment, pulse voltage, breakdown voltage, dielectric strength, dielectric loss, dielectric constant, insulation resistance, wire insulation power frequency, spark voltage volume resistivity, conductivity, loss factor, cable protection Power frequency spark voltage volume resistivity, EMC leakage tracking, conductor continuity, conductor resistance, water immersion voltage, etc.

Matexcel provides third-party commissioned electrical performance testing. For more details, please consult our technical staff. Matexcel aims to provide high-quality comprehensive third-party inspection and analysis services. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

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