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Photovoltaic Module Analysis

Matexcel conducts inspection and testing services for third-party PV modules for PV module manufacturers, power station developers, operators and other customer groups. Using reliable testing equipment to provide customers with objective, accurate, accurate and reliable test reports. Our test service covers: PV module performance test, Photovoltaic module reliability test, PV module acceptance test.

Our testing service mainly include:
Crystalline silicon photovoltaic module testing:
Visual inspection, insulation test, measurement of temperature coefficient, performance under standard test conditions and standard operating temperature, performance at low irradiance, outdoor exposure test, hot spot endurance test, UV pretreatment test, thermal cycle test, wet freezing Test, damp heat test, lead end strength test, wet leakage current test, mechanical load test, hail test, bypass diode thermal performance test.

Planar photovoltaic module testing:
Voltage, current, power test, leakage current test, tensile test, pressure test, shear test, impact test, thermal cycle test, humidity test, mechanical load test.

Ground photovoltaic module testing:
Insulation test, temperature coefficient measurement, outdoor exposure test, ultraviolet pretreatment test, damp heat test, bypass diode test, initial stability test, bypass diode test.

Photovoltaic module testing:
Nameplate durability test, bypass diode functional test, contactability test, pulse voltage test, ultraviolet test, cold test, dry heat test.

Crystalline silicon photovoltaic module testing:
Potential induced attenuation test, ammonia corrosion test, salt spray corrosion test.

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