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Oil Product Testing

Oil Product TestingIn recent years, many traffic accidents have occurred due to the use of inferior engine oil. The inferior oil has poor acid resistance, neutralized acidic substances, and higher sulfur content. The inferior oil is very harmful to the automobile engine. Therefore, it is necessary to carry out oil quality and other properties testing to determine the pros and cons of the oil.

Matexcel offers a range of oil testing services for various oil products, including methanol fuels, ethanol fuels, alcohol-based fuels, natural gas, biogas, gasoline, industrial gasoline, solvent gasoline, general diesel, biodiesel, lubricating oils, etc. The lubricating oils contain engine oil, gear oil, hydraulic oil, hydraulic oil, lubricating oil, grease, oil derivatives, paraffin, petroleum, asphalt, petroleum coke, etc.

We have a team of experienced experts who can customize a personalized oil testing solution. Through our testing, you can learn a comprehensive of oil information, such as the physical and chemical properties, evaporation properties, combustion performances, stability properties, corrosion properties, and elemental analysis.

  • Physical and chemical properties: appearance, color, density, kinematic viscosity, flash point, dropping point, acid value, sulfur content, freezing point, cold filter point, freezing point and other oils low temperature performance, cleanliness, mechanical impurities, ash, carbon residue, volatile matter, etc.;
  • Evaporation properties: distillation range, evaporation, evaporation loss, saturated vapor pressure, and other evaporation properties;
  • Combustion performances: calorific value, cetane number, cetane number index, antiknock index, octane number, and other oil combustion properties;
  • Stability properties: oxidation stability;
  • Corrosion properties: copper corrosion, sulfur content, mercaptan, glassware corrosion, liquid corrosion, salt spray, and other oil corrosion properties;
  • Elemental analysis: carbon and other elements analysis.

Through a series of advanced testing methods, Matexcel lab provides you accurate and cost-effective oil product testing results. We can help you evaluate the quality of oil products, and timely discover the deterioration tendency and pollution causes of oil products. According to the tested parameters, you can prepare a reasonable lubrication method and oil change cycle to protect your life and production. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

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