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Electronic Product Analysis

Electronic products are related products based on electric energy, including: watches, smart phones, telephones, televisions, DVD players (VCD, SVCD, DVD), video recorders, camcorders, radios, tape recorders, combination speakers, laser players (CD), computers, mobile communication products, etc.. Product inspection is an indispensable quality monitoring method in the production of modern electronic enterprises, It mainly plays a role in process control, quality control and qualification of products. The inspection of the product shall be carried out by self-inspection, mutual inspection and full-time inspection.

With excellent experience in auto parts analysis, we offer a full range of testing services as follows:

Matexcel offers a range of services for various electronic product, The product categories we can test are as follows: household appliances, audio and video products, lighting products, sports and fitness equipment balance car, smart robot, medical instruments, electrical accessories and parts, explosion-proof products, electrical tools, communication device, monitoring equipment test, large game console.

The testing services we provide are as follows:

Chemical testing: elemental analysis, halogen, flame retardant, preservative, colorant, insecticide, plasticizer, surfactant, volatile organic compounds. According to the product category and export destination regulations, detect toxic and harmful chemicals in products, reduce product export risks, ensure that your products do not cause harm to human body and the environment, and comply with local laws and regulations.

Physical performance test: Mechanical and physical properties, flammability, electrical performance, color fastness, component analysis, textile dimensional stability, textile appearance retention, tear strength, tensile fracture, moisture permeability and water resistance, burst strength, feature moisture resistance, wear resistance, Instructions for use, other physical property test, shrinkage rate. Detect physical and mechanical performance indicators such as shape, size, hardness, tensile and combustion properties of the product to ensure that your product will not cause harm to users and comply with local laws and regulations.

Safety performance test: Matexcel Laboratories can test the safety of products based on product category and export destination regulatory requirements, and provide product rectification solutions to ensure that your products comply with local laws and regulations. The safety performance test include operating voltage, fault test, impact test, vibration test, impact test, clearance, creepage distance and insulation penetration distance, plug test, protective conductor connection resistance, external wire terminal, external force test, electrical equipment inside the building, electric shock test, Electrical strength test, label inspection and test, radiation test, emission test, SELV test, TNV test, fire test, adhesive test , Vicat test, waterproof test, etc..

Electromagnetic compatibility test: Electromagnetic compatibility includes two requirements: on the one hand, the electromagnetic interference generated by the equipment in the normal operation process cannot exceed a certain limit; on the other hand, the electromagnetic presence of the appliance in the environment. Matexcel Laboratories can perform EMC and EMS testing and testing on products according to regulatory requirements, and provide product rectification solutions to ensure that your products meet legal and regulatory requirements. The main contents of electromagnetic compatibility test are: space radiation, conduction, power radiation, magnetic field radiation, harmonics, voltage fluctuation, ESD electrostatic discharge, R/S radiation resistance, EFT/B fast pulse group, lightning strike, anti-conduction, power frequency magnetic field, voltage drop, low frequency transmission to harassment, etc..

Environmental reliability test: Detect the performance of the product under various environmental conditions and determine that the product can be used normally and safely under reasonable and foreseeable environmental conditions. The test items including: climate environmental test, mechanical environmental test, light environment test, corrosion environment test, comprehensive environmental test, surface analysis.

Energy efficiency test: North American Energy Efficiency Test, Asia-Pacific energy efficiency testing, Hong Kong EELS, Singapore green logo, European energy efficiency test.

Matexcel is a fully-compliant dynamics lab with the expertise and experience to assist manufacturers in meeting their regulatory compliance needs. Through a series of advanced testing methods, Matexcel lab provides you accurate and cost-effective testing results. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

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