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Building Material Testing

The quality of construction engineering is affected by many factors. The quality of building materials is one of the most important aspects. This requires strengthening the inspection of building materials and maximizing the quality and longevity of buildings. Matexcel Lab offers a wide range of building material testing services to help evaluate the quality of various materials and solve the troubles in the construction process.

At Matexcel, We conduct testing services for a broad range of building materials, including ceramics, glass, decorative materials, wood boards, etc. The routine testing items include size and surface quality, water absorption rate, destructive strength, fracture modulus, wear resistance, linear thermal expansion coefficient, thermal shock resistance, glazed brick glaze crack resistance, frost resistance, floor friction coefficient, wet expansion, pollution resistance, chemical resistance, etc. Specifically, for glass materials, such as architectural glass, industrial glass, quartz glass, special glass, etc. We can detect the appearance quality, size and tolerance, curvature, visible light transmittance, visible light reflectance, wind resistance, heat resistance, moisture resistance, radiation resistance, ball impact peeling performance, impact strength of shotgun bags. For wooden floors, wood-based panels, wood, insulation materials, cement, decorative materials, mortar, etc. We can help you understand the use of stone polishes, stone face agents, stone stains, and construction glue.

Through a series of advanced testing methods, Matexcel lab helps you analyze the various properties of building materials. If you have any questions about our building material testing services, please feel free to contact us. We have experienced scientists ready to help you solve problems.

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