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E-beam Lithography

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E-beam Lithography

Many applications of nanofabrication techniques, like single electron devices, electrical connection of individual molecules or ultra-high density storage media, now require the production of sub-10 nm structures. Electron beam lithography (e-beam lithography) is a mask-less technique that applies direct writing in thin films of electron sensitive material using a finely focused electron beam to pattern features down to sub-10 nm. The acceleration voltage, electron beam current, resist film thickness and development protocol all influence the final feature size. Polymethylmethacrylate (PMMA) has been extensively used as an electron resist which lines of 5–7 nm and is obtained by using optimized development process. Besides patterning resist films, e-beam lithography can also be used in surface modification. For example, direct-write electron beam patterning is an established method to convert nitro functionality in self-assembled monolayers of 3-(4-nitrophenoxy)-propyltrimethoxysilane to amino functionality, forming chemically well-defined surface architectures on the 100 nm scale. At Matexcel, we are capable of creating different nanoscale feature structures by using e-beam lithography.

E-beam patterned PMMA surface with 15 (left) and 30nm (right) feature size. Reprinted from Wang, H. Soft Matter 2017.

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