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Product Life Assessment

The aging test is a part of reliability testing, which is a process of simulating various factors involved in the actual use of the product to perform aging on the product to strengthen the experiment.

Our research content mainly includes:
• The test data of the characteristic performance indicators obtained in the accelerated high-temperature accelerated aging test of samples are sorted out and analyzed. Select the appropriate mathematical model for data processing. Obtain the law of its performance change.

• According to the actual use of the product, use a suitable method to determine the critical value of the characteristic performance index change under the actual use conditions of the sample.

• Combined with the critical value data of the characteristic performance index of the sample under actual use conditions and the mathematical model of its performance change law, the actual service life evaluation value of the product is given.

• Before the accelerated test, during the test, and after the test, the rubber samples were analyzed using structural instruments and structural elements to understand the microscopic changes of the samples.

Our testing scope mainly includes: rubber, plastic, polymer materials.
Through life evaluation test, we can provide you with life prediction of rubber, plastic and polymer materials, and explore the long-term heat resistance of polymers. We can also customize your test plan according to your requirements.

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