Metallographic Analysis

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Metallographic Analysis

Metallographic analysis is one of the important means of experimental research on metal materials. Using quantitative metallography principles, the three-dimensional spatial morphology of the alloy structure is determined by the measurement and calculation of the metallographic microstructure of the grinding surface of the two-dimensional metallographic sample or the thin film, thus establishing Quantitative relationship between alloy composition, structure and performance.

Our testing process is as follows:

Our tests mainly include the following
1. Metallographic sample preparation
2. Determination of microstructure and low magnification of ferrous and non-ferrous metals
3. Determination of non-metallic inclusions in steel
4. Determination of the grain size of metallic materials
5. Determination of carburized layer, decarburized layer and nitrided layer of steel, depth measurement of hardened layer
6. Metallographic examination of gray cast iron and ductile iron
7. Detection of porosity, non-combined carbon and microstructure of cemented carbide
8. High-speed tool steel carbide detection
9. Metal welding quality inspection
10. Film thickness measurement
11. Circuit board slice observation
12. Failure analysis

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