Fire and Flammability Testing

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Fire and Flammability Testing

Fire and Flammability (or combustion) testing refers to exposing the product directly to an external flame or intense heat, and to determine the amount of time before the product combusts. In some procedures or standards, a product successfully passes the test if the flame is extinguished within a specified amount of time, and a rating will be assigned to the product after it has been tested. For example, a drywall has a fire rating of two hours, meaning it can withstand flames for two hours without catching fire itself. Fire ratings can be assigned to active fire protection systems such as extinguishers, sprinklers, and alarms, as well as to passive fire protection systems like fire-resistant walls, floors, windows, and doors. Testing the flammability of materials is a critical part of complying with safety codes, industry regulations, and standards. It also affords you the opportunity to learn how materials and objects behave under a multitude of different conditions.

Many military (MIL-STD and SAE), telecommunication (TIA testing), and industrial manufacturers will want those tests to be performed. There are many specifications of their products that require fire testing in part of qualification or reliability testing. Flammability testing is not only a critical part of ensuring safety and trustworthy, but also boosting the market value of your product. Before brought to market, consumer products such as textiles, mattress, bedding, wallcoverings, furniture materials must satisfy safety requirements and regulations, including the rate of burning, heat and smoke release criteria, which determines how a product will react in cases of accidental and intentional fires.

Matexcel’s fire testing laboratory has national accreditations and certifications and will work to ensure compliance with local, state and federal codes as needed. Such as UL 94HB test, TIA-364-45 Fire Wall Flame Test, GR-1209-CORE Generic Requirements for Passive Optical Components, ASTM E84 Class A test, ASTM D5207 Small-Scale Burning Tests, ISO 12945-2:2000 for Textiles, etc. At Matexcel, our fire and flammability tests generally include the following: Fire Reaction, Fire Resistance, and Fire Spread. We will take a product and test its resistance to heat, electrical current, open flames and/or other conditions that might cause a fire. The testing will be done in a rigorous, quantifiable manner that creates usable results. Fire and flammability testing are both a short- and long-term investment — it provides the opportunity to make the product more versatile to reach different markets and better understood in terms of its potential hazards.

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