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Photovoltaic Product Non-Destructive Analysis

Quality control is especially important throughout the life cycle of PV modules. One of the most important tests in traditional PV modules is component defect testing. Matexcel has accumulated rich experience in the non-destructive testing of photovoltaic modules. The team of experts can provide professional non-destructive testing system solutions for different industries to ensure the reliability and safety of equipment and equipment. The testing scope covers magnetic powder, ultrasonic, infiltration, radiation, Digital radiography inspection is suitable for non-destructive testing of various materials, components, devices and equipment, and can produce professional inspection reports.

Non-destructive testing can reduce maintenance time by reducing monitoring time and maintenance costs. Automated radar technology can significantly reduce downtime and save money. It is especially suitable for manual maintenance of difficult and time-consuming PV module quality monitoring. Our testing services include: Ultrasonic Testing (UT), Radiography (RT), Magnetic Particle Testing (MT), Penetration Testing (PT), Ultrasonic Phased Array (PA).

In addition to Photovoltaic Product Non-Destructive Analysis, Matexcel testing also offers the following services: production and testing of primary and secondary targets for PV modules; production of solar standard batteries, measurement of precise geometric dimensions and photoelectric parameters; photovoltaic modules, solar cells indoor and outdoor photoaging (LID) test.

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