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Chemical Coating

One of the most important purposes of surface treatment is to alter surface properties according to the requirement of specific applications. For example, hydrophobic coating has been utilized on windshield and eyeglasses. Gold atom monolayer on substrate has become a popular surface bioconjugation strategy. At Matexcel, with our strong experience in surface chemical treatment, various custom coating services are provided, including hydrophobic, hydrophilic and oleophobic treatments, as well as single atom and organic layer bonding on the surfaces.

Polymers have been used in the modification of various surfaces to control and modify surface properties. Substrates with controlled polymer brush thickness are utilized in both research studies and industrial applications. A variety of advanced properties like physical, chemical, electrical, magnetic, optical, mechanical, wear-resistant, corrosion-resistant properties at substrate surfaces can be altered by surface modification of polymers. For example, polyethylene glycol (PEG) brush has shown strong anti-fouling behavior as surface grafted layer. For surface grafting of polymer brushes which includes grafting to and grafting from methods, the grafting density and polymer length can be well controlled through the controlled radical polymerization (CRP), for example, surface initiated ATRP (SI-ATRP) is a proved method for this purpose and has been widely used in our lab facility. Matexcel offers well-established grafting strategies for custom polymer coating needs.

Chemical Coating

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