Micron Far Infrared Powder

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Micron Far Infrared Powder
Product Infomation
Cat.No. ANT-0013
Product Name Micron Far Infrared Powder
Synonyms Micron Far Infrared Powder
Product overview Characteristic: 1. The micron wavelength it emitted is easily absorbed by human body and same atomic & molecular vibrational frequencies of human cells, thereby activating cells, increasing blood flowing, promoting microcirculation and improving body metabolism and immune function. 2. It can emit far-infrared of 4-14 micron wavelength after absorb the heat from outside. 3. Due to ultra-fine particle size, this powder has special activation, and bacteriostasis of various pathogenic bacterium.
Emissivity: 82-90%
Heat resistance: >400 centigrade
Recommended dosage: 2%-3%
Morphology & Appearance White powder
Particle Size ~1μm
Application Far infrared fiber, far infrared heat preserving & antibacterial clothes, interior paint, far infrared building materials and far infrared antibacterial packaging materials.
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