Corn Bio-active Peptide Powder

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Corn Bio-active Peptide Powder
Product Infomation
Cat.No. NAT-206
Product Name Corn Bio-active Peptide Powder
Morphology & Appearance Light yellow powder
Application Corn Bio-active Peptide Powder is a kind of functional food ingredients derived from corn starch.The processing is by utilizing advanced bio-technology,hydrolyze corn protein restrictively,allowing corn protein release bio-active peptide gradually,then separating and refining.
Usage 1.Health Products to Reduce Blood Press;
2.Sober Up Products;
3.Protect the Liver;
4.Products of Enhancing Immunity and Kinetism;
5.Foods for Athletes;
6.Hypolipidemic Foods;
7.Fortified Protein Drink.
Description Total Protein: 0.91%
Soy oligopeptides: 84.2%
Relative molecular weight below 1000: >90%
AY: >0.6
Particle Size: 100% through 60 mesh
Loss on Drying: 3.5% (105℃/2hrs)
Loss on Ash: 3.21% (525℃/3hrs)
Heavy metals
Arsenic(As): <2ppm
Lead(Pb):< 20ppm
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